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Consultant at Touchdown

JingJobs Samantha
Education Management
Management Consulting
China Beijing Shi Beijing
China Shanghai Shi Shanghai
Posted on 08/05/2017   710 Views

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Chinese Citizen
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0-1 years
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Native or Bilingual Proficiency

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Full Time
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Long Term Employment (1+ years)

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Job Description
1.Explore client background, develop application strategies for clients applying to business master programs in North America, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore
2. Select schools and programs for clients
3.Guide clients through application process, answer their questions and help to solve
problems in a timely manner
4.Conduct research to schools, programs, companies, and industries; build comprehensive
knowledge base to assist client with graduate application
5.Conduct application and career trainings to clients
Position Requirements
1 Business bachelor degree required, overseas degree
2 Excellent communication skills, empathetic, ability to maintain excellent client
3 Strong problem solving skill, time management skills, organizational skills, research and
analytical skills and ability to multi-task.
4 Passionate about education consulting
If interested, please send your CV to samantha@jingjobs.com and state clearly in the application the job position title you are applying to.
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