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International Consultant at Pacific Prime

JingJobs Samantha
China Beijing Shi Beijing
Posted on 08/10/2017   1464 Views

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Non-Chinese Citizen
Minimum Education
Required Experience
0-1 years
Required Languages
Native or Bilingual Proficiency
Type of Job
Full Time
Length of Job
Long Term Employment (1+ years)

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Job Description
Job Title: Consultant
Department/Group: New Sales Department
Location: Beijing Office
Job category: New Sales
Position type: Full time

Job Description
Role and Responsibilities
1. To represent customers' interests, provide unbiased advice and distinctive unparalleled customer service
2. Promoting and selling insurance plans to prospective customers.
3. Contacting and securing new business accounts/customers

Essential Job Functions
1. Contact prospect clients who have enquired for medical insurance through our websites
2. Discuss (through the phone or/and in person) with potential customers their requirements for medical insurance (budget, pre-existing conditions, level of cover, geographical area of cover, etc.)
3. Develop clear and effective written proposals/quotations for prospective customers
4. Efficient use of the Company CRM system
5. Expedite the resolution of customer problem and complaints
6. Assist prospect customers throughout the sale process and during the first year of the policy with queries, administration, paperwork
7. Coordinate with the administration team for the processing of applications and paperwork from when the application is received up until completion of payment
8. Coordinate with the claims/client services/renewals team when needed
9. Identify advantages and compares insurance companies' products/services
10. Supply management with oral and written reports on customer needs, problems, interests if needed

Reporting directly to the Sales Director/Team Leader
Position Requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in finance, marketing, economics or related field is preferred.
2. have a high enthusiasm for sales work;
3. have a strong learning ability and excellent communication skills, strong team spirit and good interpersonal skills, able to work under pressure;
4. to provide customers with a full range of insurance advisory services;
5. good health, strong affinity, honest and trustworthy, hard work, with a high degree of team spirit;
6. Good experience/network in BJ
7. Stable
8. Good sales track record
9. Meet work visa requirement

If interested, please send your CV to samantha@jingjobs.com, cc: maddy@jingjobs.com and state clearly in your application the position title you're applying to..
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