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Marketing and Sales Account Associate

Evoke Electric Motorcycles
China Beijing Shi Beijing
Posted on 11/05/2017   304 Views

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Non-Chinese Citizen, Chinese Citizen, HK/Macau Citizen
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0-1 years
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Full Professional Proficiency

Full Professional Proficiency
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Full Time
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Long Term Employment (1+ years)

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Evoke Electric Motorcycles designs and develops electric motorcycles that are safer, greener, and more accessible to those with the desire to ride. Evoke electric motorcycles combine the latest technology from Evoke's power train with Internet connectivity; resulting in motorcycles capable of meeting the standards of professional riders, while offering comfort and safety features appealing to even the most novice of beginners. By simplifying the riding mechanics and integrating smart technology we have eliminated the rider's learning curve, expensive maintenance costs and dependency on fossil fuel, opening up the culture and sport to those who have been previously unable to join. Our electric motorcycles embody the future of motorcycling.
We’re looking for entry level sales and marketing professionals who are hungry for career growth in sales and marketing management and to be a part of our new expansion throughout the world. It is our belief that great business leaders and managers know their business from the ground up and they lead from the front.

This is why we are looking for entry level team members to train on our system for acquiring and retaining quality customers so that as we grow, every manager on our management team always knows where their people are coming from and how to find success in their entry level roles as well as future management and leadership roles.
Entry level managers are self-motivated and driven individuals who can be promoted into management and leadership roles based on personal merit and performance… never favoritism or seniority. We don’t hire people directly into management, we train motivated people into a manager role.

The entry level sales management position is full time and involves responsibilities in:
• Entry level sales and marketing
• Sales and marketing team management
• Customer acquisitions and retention
• Sales and marketing presentations to our client’s target audience
• Training new sales and marketing team members
• Time management and organization
Entry level sales managers with ambition will be trained in:
• Leadership and team building both in and out of work
• Business communication management
• Leadership and training as a manager and mentor
• Leading and developing others

Benefits to working with our firm:
• Gain experience in sales & marketing, management, leadership
• Professional growth and development
• A fun and positive work environment
• Philanthropic opportunities – make a difference in the community with us
• Challenging yourself
• National and International travel for conferences and meetings
• Potential for growth
Position Requirements
Experience in business, sales, marketing, management, leadership, or advertising is a plus. We will train candidates in other fields after an in-person assessment of their skill set and personality are deemed to match with our firm.

The culture of our firm is VITAL to our continued growth and success. Therefore our team consists ONLY of individuals that demonstrate:
• Enthusiasm, energy, and positivity – people shouldn’t be in a toxic environment
• The ability to work in a team or individually
• INTEGRITY – Do the right thing even when it’s not the easy thing
• Leadership ability
• Determination and follow-through
• A genuine desire to help others
• Trustworthiness
• Ambition, drive, and purpose
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