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Sales Development Representative

China Beijing Shi Beijing
Posted on 27/06/2017   408 Views

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Non-Chinese Citizen, Chinese Citizen, HK/Macau Citizen
Minimum Education
Required Experience
1-2 years
Required Languages
Full Professional Proficiency

Full Professional Proficiency
Type of Job
Full Time
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Long Term Employment (1+ years)

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Job Description
1. familiar with all kinds of product knowledge and sales skills, for the customer to introduce the most targeted marketing products and services;
2. through the phone sales model, develop new customers, maintain and consolidate and expand the customers;
3. by assessment methods, e.g. telephone amount, customer coverage rate, customer information integrity and so on, promote the selling process and clinch a deal;
4. complete sales target according to company requirements, to achieve the key performance indicators (KPI) per month;
5. according to the requirements regularly submit sales report and summary.
Position Requirements
1. Bachelor or above, more than one year experience in sales or customer service experience, Internet industry product sales experience is preferred;
2. have good marketing consciousness and telephone communication skills, English/Mandarin fluently.
3. full of pioneering spirit and good team cooperation consciousness, has the very strong learning and communication skills, good coordination ability and strain ability and problem solving skills;
4. positive enthusiasm, work excellently, good psychological quality, strong ability to work under pressure.
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